Experience The Magic Of Langkawi

Malaysia is a country that abounds in anything and everything that any adventurous soul would find appealing. From its majestic landmarks to its beautiful natural scenery, there is simply no limit to what you can experience in this glorious country. One of the biggest tourist attractions in this island is the Langkawi, a region that is tucked away in the Andaman Sea, some 18 miles off the Malaysian coast in the country’s northwestern mainland.

Langkawi is basically an archipelago of over 100 islands which means one of its major attractions is the enchanting beaches and the breathtaking coastlines. As some of the islands are covered by water depending on the tide, it is imperative that any would-be tourist do some homework before setting out to explore Langkawi. The following are some of the major activities you can engage in while here.

Andaman Sea

Exploring Langkawi’s Majestic Landmarks
Landmarks add the much-needed allure to any tourist destination because aside from the fact that they are visually captivating, they offer some inkling on the local’s way of life and their cultural as well as architectural heritage. A visit to the Dataran Lang, alternatively known as Eagle Square, will shed some light on the way of life of the locals.

This landmark is a 40-foot tall eagle in reddish-brown color and is indeed the emblem of the island. According to the folklore here, Langkawi is derived from two Malay words which are helang to mean eagle and kawi to mean reddish brown. There is definitely more to the reason why the island chose the eagle as their emblem so how about you explore it for yourself and find out?

Eagle Square

Explore Its Enchanting Beaches
As you probably already know, Langkawi is not short of beaches to explore and there are plenty of them here. One that deserves a mention is the Pantai Cenang and rightfully so; this beach is popularized by its powdery sand so after a long day prowling wildly, you can look up to it for those moments of relaxation and serenity as you bath in the sand and watch the world go by, quite literally.

As you soak yourself in the beach’s powdery sand, you can also partake of the various water sports that take place here or you can simply contend with being a spectator. And as if that is not enough, the beach has lots of waterfront restaurants and bars so you can easily snack on something as you enjoy the fresh breeze from the sea.

Pantai Cenang

Dine Like A King
On the surface of it, there appears to be nothing spectacular about eating dining when you are out exploring a beautiful place. But wait a minute! How about a place with restaurants and bars built in strategic spots such as on the beachfronts and far away in the bush? Well, as you know, the experience can be anything but ordinary.

Langkawi boasts of lots of restaurants and bars strategically placed, where any visitor can pop in and have a meal of their choice, from the locally made Malaysian cuisines to the exotic dishes. But perhaps what makes dining in the island more remarkable is the duty-free policy on foods and beverages here. When this island was granted tax-free status, foods and drinks became so affordable that you will party without feeling as though you left a dent on your pocket.

Cruise In A Cable Car

Let’s face it; the closest most of us will ever get to a cable car is in front of our screens watching them in Hollywood movies. And perhaps it’s because of their rarity that cable cars attract so much attention. A visit to Langkawi will not be complete without exploring the island’s only Cable Car that is a whopping 1.4 miles long.

The cable car provides an aerial link from around the Burau Bay Resort located at Teluk Burau and all through to the Gunung Machinchang peak.

The mere ride in this car is something to cherish forever but that’s not enough for the adventurous souls out there. As you cruise in the car, you can’t help but notice the lush vegetation rushing by, and the grandeur of the landscape as is marked by the hills on either side of the route. Needless to mention, you are able to get an unhindered view of the Pantai Cenang. My word of advice would be – remember to come with a GoPro camera for spectacular shots.

Cable car

There is really no limit to what you can see and do in Langkawi and this post does not exhaust them. Just remember that the island does not have any public transport system, and this is where car rental in Langkawi comes in.

Do your homework and be sure that you rent a car from a professional company that will offer you the much-needed transport services as you make the most of your stay here.


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