Best thingsTo Do In Amsterdam

When traveling to any city in Amsterdam, you may find that car rental in Amsterdam is the must do. Which makes sense since having a car after a flight is the best way to get around since you will not have to rely on public transportation or friends and family to take you everywhere. The following are some things you should enjoy doing in Amsterdam. 




Cycling in Amsterdam is a part of the culture and history. This mode of transport has repeatedly played an essential role in the history of Amsterdam have become the de facto mode of transportation in the city. There are a lot of places to rent a bike in the town. Some bike rental companies also offer guided tour where all critical Amsterdam landmarks are shown. By getting yourself to travel on a cycle also puts you as a socialist and free citizen in the eyes of the people of Amsterdam.

Visiting Stedelijk Museum

The Stedelijk Museum is famous for its modern painters. Names like Malevich, Chagall and Picasso have their work in this museum from the 20th century. More modern painters like Judd, Nauman and Warhol also have their actions here.

Skating If you don't do skating in Amsterdam, you are missing a lot, especially in winter. Frozen water on the canals is something that is one of the most luring things for skaters worldwide. Then there is Elfstendentocht - a skating race around Friesland (200km). You'll find plenty of skating partners in Amsterdam around the park. And there is Friday Night Skate - 3-hour tour from Vondelpark to a pub (20km).

Stedelijk Museum

Visiting The Rijksmuseum - Unrivalled art museum

The Rijksmuseum

Amsterdam's excellent art museum Rijksmuseum has got no rival in art collection anywhere in Europe. The building itself is nothing less than a marvel itself. It features an Asian Pavilion and light-flooded atrium. The groups of the museum range from 15th-century art to the 21st century. The sexiest art label goes to Vermeer's Kitchen Maid and Rembrandt's The Night Watch, give them a look, and you'll see why.

Going to the Red Light District

If you want to go to Amsterdam, you might already know some stuff about the Red Light District. True it has a bad international reputation, but there is more to it than meets the eye. The area is not dangerous, in fact, it is quite safe and offers a unique piece of social intermingling. There are shops selling sex-toys, dildos and blow-ups. There are plenty of window-shops, and the community of Red Light District is multicultural.

the Red Light District

Raw Herring

Raw herring is a must-eat for every Amsterdam tourist. The most beautiful herring is between July and May when the fish is fresh, flesh is sweet, and there are no onions and pickles. There are herring stalls everywhere, and you'll get one of the most excellent eating experience of your life.

Raw Herring

No matter what your primary interests are, the Amsterdam city centre is a vibrant, attractive, stimulating and entertaining destination that holds many charms for visitors of all tastes and inclinations. As a tourist, you will enjoy your visit in The Amsterdam.


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