Exploring Sardinia on a rental car

One thing that comes to mind when you mention Sardinia is the coastal town of Costa Smeralda which gets its name from the colour of water that overlaps its sandy beaches. However there ia so much more to this island than what meets the eye. Anyone visiting the island for the first time can be surprised by what it has to offer. One time you will be at the soft sandy beaches and at the next moment as you drive to the interior of the island you come face to face with some tuff rugged mountain terrains. In order to access some of thise magical scenes on the island a tourist must take advantage of car rental in Sardinia. This is a sure way that one can be able to traverse the beautiful island up and down. Some of the activities a tourist visiting Sardinia can explore on a rental car include:


Driving to Mamoiada

One way of ensuring that you have a good taste of the lifestyle of the Sardinian people is by visiting the village of Mamoiada. The village has people living in their purest traditional way with little influence to the modern cultures. There is a museum that preserves masks worn during local carnivals. Take a taste of some red wine that is made in the local cellar as you wait for your order of a local traditional meal.

the Giara and Marmilla Natural Park

Visiting the Giara and Marmilla Natural Park

Drive to this natural park and explore a fascinating interior with ruins of some ancient castles. After that you can access some street art, the Omata street art. Have a sighting of some wild horses grazing along the paths. After you have had enough get into your car and drive to the Marmilla park where you will get to see the remains of the hilltop castle and visit the 16th century church of San Pietro.


Car ride to Barbagia

Take a ride in your rental car to Barbagia for a fool day tour of the mountainous interior with a guide. Near the top of Mt Barbagia you can have a magical view of the countryside below you. As it approaches lunchtime walk to the old Barbagian house for some finger licking traditional cuisines. As the day comes to a close climb down and head to your hotel.

Visiting Archeological sites.

Discover Sardinia's past by visiting some archeological sites that document their rich history. Bear keen attention as the tour guide explains the way people in the past made buildings using circular concretes. Appreciate the ingenuity of the ancient people.

In conclusion it is safe to say that Sardinia is an awesome tourist destination where one can engage in various activities that may not be limited to the above. To ensure that you have the most out of your visit to Sardinia seek the services of car rental business. With this you can rent a car and travel to whatever remote corner of the island that you may want without worrying about your transport logistics during your stay at the island


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